Our First Pattern – Trinity 3D. Deceptive, Deadly, Definition:

Nature is messy. That’s why we’re meticulous.

Branches are projected into the foreground and background while strategically woven-in between trees, leaves, and other branches to provide unparalleled depth perception.

Elements used are in correctly proportioned ratios in respect to their placement throughout the pattern. This depth emulates a true 30-yard perspective, allowing the feel of looking “through” the pattern.

Oak leaves were used exclusively in our pattern because of the natural food attraction this mast crop provides. Deer and other animals are known to visit and forage this food source during peak hunting seasons. Hunters can find themselves blending in effortlessly, while surrounded by the sounds of falling acorns landing on the forest floor.

High definition imagery used for ultra realistic look. Perfectly duplicated textures allow for three dimensional rendering never before seen. And never to be seen again – at least by your prey!

Also available in blaze:

We invite you to see for yourself the difference that won’t be seen by your prey. We invite you to slip into nature.