Where Do Morel’s Grow?

Start everywhere and anywhere! Most of my luck starts with well drained black soil during April through May. Elm trees with Dutch Elms disease, abandoned orchards, Green Ash trees, White Ash trees, and Poplar Aspen. Never pass up Hedge Apple trees! Jackin Pulpet and May apples are also a good sign you’re in the right soil type. Blood root has a beautiful flower that’s usually below them on a mountain in softer soil.

Deer trails, bowls, logging roads, or on any path through the right path in the woods. Dead snails are usually found around where the Morels grow. When you find one stop look behind you and all around and mark the location for an easy return, where you find one there will be more to come! If you are quiet you may get to see all kind of cool animals also!

Good luck!

James Borum,

AKA, Mushroom Jimmy.

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